HIRSUTE SANDRA is the most well-known hirsute model to date. Her hairy legs are legendary as is her thick bush, wide treasure trail and fur-covered butt.

Sandra is my model and has done 2 videotapes to date: Hirsute Sandra and Hirsute Sandra Shaves Her Legs. You can read full reviews of each videotape by clicking the links.

There are several black and white and some color layouts of Sandra in The Best Of The First Two Years of HAIR TO STAY, a 260-page inch-thick magazine featuring the best of the first 8 issues of HAIR TO STAY magazine.

Many people have asked what happened to Sandra. She is still around but does very little work as she priced herself out of the market.

I've been asked if she is a real female and have had men state unequivocally that she was born a male. I can tell you she has had a child and has a monthly period, so she was born female, is female, and will remain female.

She is originally from Poland but at last contact she was living in Germany. In her videos, she does not speak as she knows no English!
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